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For life, everyone will have different cognitive and attitudes. If you ask me what your life is like, I will tell you that my life is food and travel. Different time, different places, different scenery, a camera can record your favorite moment.

Many people will say that they like to travel, but no time, and travel also need to spend a lot of money. From the beginning of the idea to the end of the time, his inner share of the tangle has been restricting themselves. For me, as long as you want to do any of your favorite things, as long as you think about it, then there will be a chance of success, in fact, travel is also true.

Travel, we are on the road.

For the city of Hangzhou is still very fate, it is the first stop of my resignation travel. But this year came to Hangzhou twice did not encounter a good weather, this is my most regrettable pity. This happens to run into the weekend, decided to work with small partners to have been heard but did not meet the Thousand Island Lake tourism.

As the plane was late, arrived in Hangzhou is already the afternoon, and 2 and a half hours by car arrived in Chunan is already the evening time, and hungry we went directly to the well-known Chunan famous signature shop: Fisherman’s Wharf.

May be the reason I am a northerner because of it, for the fried dumplings is still very, very good.

After dinner is already more than 20 o’clock, but this time has entered the night of the Lake is particularly quiet, with a day to catch the road, not too many stroll directly back to a predetermined hotel: Greentown Qiandao Lake Sheraton Vacation hotel.

Have to say Chun’an County tourism development is still very fast, a county has a large number of five-star hotel. But this time I chose the Sheraton Hotel, only for that familiar brand, and it it easy to get a hangzhou escort service in this hotel. In front of the hotel is the reception foyer, the atmosphere of the mobile glass doors, luxury and delicate glass border appears to be the noble Sheraton.

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